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Animal Rescue Law 2023

1.5 NY Credits: 1.5 PP; Transitional and Non-transitional; 1.5 NJ Credits: 1.5 General
Recorded On: 03/16/2023

Basic Estate Planning

2.5 NY Credits: 1 Ethics; 1.5 Skills; Non-transitional; 2.5 NJ Credits: 1 Ethics; 1.5 General
Recorded On: 03/03/2023

Becoming a Lawyer

2 NY CLE Credits; 1 Ethics, 1 Skills
Recorded On: 01/27/2021

CPLR Update 2023

2 NY Credits: 2 Skills; Non-transitional; 2 NJ Credits: 2 General
Recorded On: 01/24/2023

Hot Topics in eDiscovery

NY Credits: 2 Skills; Non-transitional; 2 NJ Credits; 2 General
Recorded On: 06/08/2023

Running a Digital Law Firm

1 NY Credits: 1 Cybersecurity-Ethics; Non-transitional; 1 NJ Credits: 1 Ethics
Recorded On: 02/22/2023

The Business of ADR

1 NY Credits: 1 Skills; Non-transitional; 1 NJ Credits: 1 General
Recorded On: 06/28/2023

Will Drafting 101

3 NY CLE Credits; 0.5 Ethics, 2 Skills, 0.5 PP
Recorded On: 06/08/2011