You Can Run But No Longer Hide: Cybersecurity – What Lawyers MUST DO to Protect Their Clients, Firm


You Can Run But No Longer Hide: Cybersecurity – What Lawyers MUST DO to Protect Their Clients, Firm

Recorded On 04/21/2023

For the 8th year, Program Chair Mark Rosen and an expert faculty seek to inform the legal and business communities about the latest developments in the field of cybersecurity that are much too important to be ignored.


Our ALL STAR faculty will discuss the changing technical climate, cyber threats and hacks. threats to the rule of law and national security, and the ever-changing roles and responsibilities of attorneys and firms.


Some of the topics to be discussed include:


  • A Chat with the Author: Restoring Confidence in Government Expertise in a Time of Deep Fakes, Data Breaches, AI, Chatgpt & Ransomware: Who Do You Believe?
  • Dealing with a Data Breach
  • Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Insurance: To Arbitrate, or Not?
  • Working From Home: Where Do You Employer’s Policies Begin and End? Protecting Data, Devices and Departing Employees
  • Insurance in a Cyber World: Do You Need it? Challenges in Securing it; What Does it Cover?
  • State of the Quarles Case and the Public Safety Exception in a Cyber World
  • Cybersecurity is NOT Just an IT Problem: Build a Team! Do You Have the Right One?
  • Cybersecurity: What Steps Lawyers NEED to Take to Satisfy  Minimum Ethical and Negligence Standards




Program Chair: Mark B. Rosen, Brooklyn Law School; John Jay College of Criminal Justice


Faculty (In Formation): Derek Auchie, Dispute Process Law, University of Aberdeen; Brian G. Flood, CPCU, ARM, VP, Hub International; Paul Jang, Legal & Educational Technology Specialist, Brooklyn Law School; Lexer Quamie Mayers, Director, Labor, Employment & Benefits Law, Allstate; Guy Robinson, Computer Scientist, Developer of Banking Industry Software; Harumi Urata-Thompson, Chief Financial Officer, Wave Financial; A. Michael Weber, Littler; Ian Whitehurst, Financial Crimes, Exchange Chambers UK; William Araiza, Brooklyn Law School; Steven Hyman, McLaughlin & Stern; Tony Lang, FBI


7 NY Credits: 2 Ethics; 1 Cybersecurity-Ethics; 4 Skills; Non-Transitional; 7 NY Credits 3 Ethics; 4 General



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