Pay Equity and Pay Transparency in New York and Beyond


Pay Equity and Pay Transparency in New York and Beyond

Recorded On 05/23/2023


Over the last few years, the second wave of pay equity legislation hit the ground running with numerous states and cities passing pay transparency laws.

As New York employers continue to hire employees remotely around the country, this webinar will focus on pay transparency requirements in New York/New York City and other key states, including California and Colorado.

We will also focus on additional pay equity compliance considerations that are on the horizon (including pay data reporting) and best practices for mitigating pay equity claims through pay equity reviews and audits.




Program Co-sponsor: NYCLA’s Labor and Employment Committee


Program Chair: Lauren Paxton, Chair, NYCLA’s Labor and Employment Committee


Faculty: Sharon Cohen, Davis+Gilbert LLP, Co-chair NYCLA’s Labor and Employment Committee


1 NY Skills; Non-transitional; 1 NJ Credit: 1 General



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