What Attorneys and Firms Need to Know About Pricing Their Services And Getting Paid


What Attorneys and Firms Need to Know About Pricing Their Services And Getting Paid

Recorded On 10/07/2021


If you run a law firm, or are a sole practitioner, have you ever wondered, “what do I charge for my services?” or “how do I know if I’m charging the right price?”

If you are looking for direction in answer the “million dollar questions,” then this is the workshop for you!

Our expert speaker will discuss different pricing models that can be adopted — hourly versus value based, and the benefits of each pricing model.

This workshop will not only help you determine your pricing strategy, but you will also feel confident about your fee structure, how to communicate fees effectively to your clients and feel more confident about getting paid.



Faculty: Nermin Jasani, Esq., Wildly Successful Law Firm

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Nermin began her career practicing law on Wall Street as an in-housel counsel for a financial services provider and then started her own firm serving as a compliance advisor to various financial firms. After realizing that most lawyers never learned how to run a successful law practice, since 2017 she has been consulting with lawyers on how to develop one by getting her clients to focus on the fundamentals of being a business owner: pricing, financial projections, budgets, marketing, hiring, efficiency, levering technology and more.



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