Empowering Women in the Courtroom: Overcoming Anxiety and Excelling in Trial Advocacy


Empowering Women in the Courtroom: Overcoming Anxiety and Excelling in Trial Advocacy

Recorded On 05/22/2024


Women know why confidence in court matters, but from appearances to actual trials there is no denying that there are unique challenges for women lawyers.


After an almost thirty-year career of being in a courtroom, in 2 states, almost every day as both a Principal Assistant County Attorney and as a Principal Assistant District Attorney, our speaker Renee G. Pardo will share her specific strategies for dealing with real personal anxiety in the courtroom and turning it into fuel that effectively serves advocacy.


Among the topic to be discussed include:


  • Understanding anxiety in legal practice
  • Common sources of anxiety for lawyers, particularly women
  • The impact of anxiety on performance in the courtroom
  • Recognizing signs of anxiety in yourself and others
  • Breaking stigmas: Normalizing discussions about mental health in the legal profession
  • Techniques for managing anxiety before court appearances: Effective time management and preparation — and what to do when it is not possible
  • Strategies: Visualization and mental rehearsal exercises
  • Setting realistic expectations and goals
  • Practical trial advocacy strategies: Preparing persuasive legal arguments, enhancing presentation skills, voice and body language, and conidence handling unexpected situations and objections with poise
  • Utilizing technology and visual aids to support arguments
  • Building resilience and self confidence: embracing mistakes and learning opportunities
  • Cultivating a supportive professional network
  • Setting personal and professional development goals
  • Ethical considerations in addressing anxiety in legal practice: Duty of competence and professional responsibilities
  • Confidentiality and privacy concerns
  • Resources for seeking help and support
  • Conclusion and next steps
  • Resources for further learning



Renee Gloria Pardo, Trial Attorney and founder of Renee Pardo Coaching


2 NY Credits: 1 Skills; 1 Ethics; Non-transitional; 2 NJ Credits; 1 Ethics; 1 General



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