Dealing with Difficult Attorneys


Dealing with Difficult Attorneys

Recorded On 04/29/2015


Have you ever been frustrated when litigating a case or negotiating a transaction because opposing counsel seems intent on thwarting your every move”? Then join NYCLA’s Task Force on Professionalism to learn tips and techniques for dealing with difficult counsel. Civility in and out of the courtroom has never been more important, given the challenges of practicing in the legal profession in the current economic environment. A distinguished panel with members from private practice, the judiciary and the disciplinary bar will provide their different perspectives on civility in the legal profession, and tips for how to deal with less than civil colleagues in an ethical and professional manner.” Understand what is and is not permissible conduct under the New York Rules of Professional Conduct. Learn how to recognize the types of lawyers that can be classified as “difficult” —  from bullies to unprepared counsel to attorneys who seek to delay or bury with motion paper, to name a few. While litigation or negotiations may be adversarial by their very nature, that doesn’t mean that professionalism can be compromised under the guise of “zealous representation.”



Program Co-sponsor: NYCLA’s Task Force on Professionalism   Moderator: Todd Duffy, Duffy Amedeo LLP   Faculty: Hon. Barbara Kapnick, Appellate Division, First Department; S. Jason Teele, Lowenstein Sandler LLP; Naomi F. Goldstein, Disciplinary Committee


1.5 NY CLE Credits; 1.5 Ethics


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