What you Need to Know about Drafting and Funding the ILIT


What you Need to Know about Drafting and Funding the ILIT

Recorded On 03/15/2023

… and Strategies for Maintaining the Life Insurance Coverage Funding Your Client’s ILITs


The great majority of current trustees responsible for your clients’ Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts are their eldest sons and daughters acting as unskilled/amateur trustees.  For the most part they are not aware of various opportunities and strategies available to them, nor are they aware of the responsibility and fiduciary liability they’ve assumed for the maintenance of their trust’s life insurance coverage.

In the near future, (2025), trust planning & trustee guidance will become even more in demand as the estate tax exemption will be reduced from $11,500,000 to approximately $5,600,000.

Our expert speakers will discuss the various strategies to enhance trust planning as well as the techniques to be employed to maintain the life Insurance funding of ILITs so as to to create a larger legacy for the beneficiaries.

This is one program attorneys who have clients with trusts cannot afford to miss!!




Henry Montag, CFP, Managing Director, The TOLI Center East and Andrea B. Schanker, Schanker and Schanker


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