Ethical Attorney Business Development During Crisis


Ethical Attorney Business Development During Crisis

Recorded On 05/07/2020


The Coronavirus has turned our world upside down and changed the way we work and connect with our clients, peers and other business associates. Yet this crisis could still create new opportunities to connect and promote yourself and your firm without seeming thoughtless and uncaring.

Learn how to become a resource to your clients, position yourself as a “Go To” authority at a time when people are clamoring for leadership, use virtual tools and social media to build and maintain relationships — all while complying with the Rules of Professional Conduct, with an emphasis on:

Rule 1.1: Competence

Rule 1.18: Duties to Prospective Clients Rule 1.6: Confidentiality of Information

Rule 1.8: Conflicts of Interest: Current Clients Rule 1.9: Duties to Former Clients

Rule 3.6: Trial Publicity

Rule 5.5: Unauthorized Practice of Law Rule 7.1: Advertising

Rule 7.2: Payment for Referrals

Rule 7.3: Solicitation and Recommendation of Professional Employment

Rule 7.4: Identification of Practice and Specialty

Rule 7.5: Professional Notices, Letterheads, and Signs Rule 3.6: Trial Publicity



Jaimie Field, The-Rain-Maker


2 NY CLE Credits; 2 Ethics


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