When Debtors Get Indicted: The Interaction of Bankruptcy and Criminal Law


When Debtors Get Indicted: The Interaction of Bankruptcy and Criminal Law

Recorded On 04/04/2022


Join NYCLA’s Bankruptcy Law Committee for a panel discussion of the legal issues which may arise when a client has committed criminal acts before a bankruptcy case filing. The Panel is composed of highly experienced attorneys, both bankruptcy and criminal, that will provide practical advice for addressing a sensitive and complex intersection of the law.”

The Panel will discuss such topics as:

  • the administration of the case,
  • the types of debts which may not be dischargeable, and
  • an attorney’s duties to the client, the bankruptcy trustee and the Bankruptcy Court.



Program Co-sponsor: NYCLA’s Bankruptcy Law Committee

Program Chairs: James P. Pagano and Norma E. Ortiz, Co-Chairs, NYCLA’s Bankruptcy Law Committee

Faculty: Salvatore LaMonica, Esq., trustee in bankruptcy and attorney for trustees in bankruptcy; Joseph D. Nohavicka, Esq., criminal attorney; Norma E. Ortiz, Esq., bankruptcy attorney; James P. Pagano, Esq., bankruptcy attorney


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