Security in a Cyber World: Whistleblowers, Cyber Threats, Domestic Terrorism, Financial Fraud, Policy by Twitter and the Evolving Role of the Attorney and Firm


Security in a Cyber World: Whistleblowers, Cyber Threats, Domestic Terrorism, Financial Fraud, Policy by Twitter and the Evolving Role of the Attorney and Firm

Recorded On 10/04/2019


Join us for our Fifth Annual program that seeks to inform the public, lawyers, corporations and national security practitioners about the latest developments in the area of national security, threats, privacy, and the evolving role and responsibilities of attorneys and firms  in the fast paced cyber world.

Using a panel format comprised of ALL STAR experts in their fields, we will look at today’s ever changing technological climate, the threat of cyberwarfare and hacks, the rise of domestic terrorism, red flag laws, financial fraud, border security, the repercussions of human trafficking and counterfeit products, the impact of policy by Twitter, as well as the evolving role of the attorney and law firm. Topics include:

  • Ethical Responsibilities in a Cyber World The Role of the Lawyer and Law Firm
  • Rule by Twitter, and Its Implications
  • Detecting  Financial Misconduct, and Dealing With the Repercussions
  • The Law, the President,  Whistle blowers — and the Use of the Military
  • Tech and Terror: Identifying Threats Wherever They May Occur
  • Public Safety vs Civil Rights: The Impact of Human Trafficking, Trademark Fraud … and MORE
  • Closing Conversation: Cyber Operations Law, Policy and Educational Uses of Cyber Wargames

This is a fantastic opportunity to hear world class speakers joining together for an all-day important conference.



Program Chair and Moderator: Mark B. Rosen, Esq., Brooklyn Law School; John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Faculty: William C. Banks, Syracuse University College of Law, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs; Gary Brown, National Defense University; Johnathan D. Cohen, Senior Expert, Global Threats, Argonne National Laboratory; Seth DuCharme, Counselor to the U.S. Attorney General. Matters Including Cyber and National Security; Katie Fallow, Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University; Steven Hyman, McLaughlin & Stern; Paul Jang, Legal and Educational Technology SpecialistBrooklyn Law School; Anthony Lang, FBI; Matthew Miraglia, FBI; Ryan J. Moriarty, Office of Attorney Ethics, NJ Courts; Lawrence Solan, Brooklyn Law School; Richard Tucker, Chief, National Security & Cybercrime Section, US Attorney’s Office, EDNY; A. Michael Weber, Littler; Representatives from U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Cyber Crime Division, Human Trafficking Division, Financial fraud Division, Counterfeit Merchandise Division


7 NY CLE Credits; 2 Ethics, 3 Skills, 2 PP


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