Drafting Joint Venture Agreements


Drafting Joint Venture Agreements

Recorded On 04/21/2015


Learn the basics of the issues that need to be addressed when drafting Joint Venture Agreements, as well as the specifics of  drafting agreements  in the areas of construction, mergers and acquisitions and technology. Some of the areas to be addressed include:

 M&A and Joint Venture Agreements

  • Why enter into a Joint Venture?
  • Who has control?
  • How to keep partners in the relationship, and how to get them to leave
  • How to structure profit sharing
  • What happens when the agreement ends

Technology Joint Venture Agreements

  • Who owns the intellectual property during the Joint Venture and after the agreement ends?
  • Control of the Data
  • Responsibility of the parties
  • Agreement on business plan and expected revenues
  • Capital requirements
  • Licensing of software

Construction Joint Venture Agreements

  • Managing and administering a construction project Joint Venture, including: allocation of decision making and minority member protections; special insurance and bonding issues; contract, change order and claim authority; withdrawal and termination; staffing; and project closeout and warranty obligations



Program co-sponsors: NYCLA’s Construction Law Committee and Entertainment Intellectual property & Sports Section

Program Chair: Joel Sciascia, Pavanni McGovern

Faculty: George Meyer, Carlton Fields/Jorden Burt; Jose Pienknagura, AECOM; Richard Raysman, Holland & Knight; Carolyn Vardi, White & Case


2 NY CLE Credits; 2 Skills


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