Force Majeure and Lease Restructuring Issues in the Wake of COVID-19


Force Majeure and Lease Restructuring Issues in the Wake of COVID-19

Recorded On 09/15/2020


The program will open with a brief synopsis of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the New York business closures adopted by Governor Cuomo’s decrees, inter alia, banning non-essential businesses and travel, as well as public gatherings to combat the spread of the contagion. Then, our panelists will turn to analyzing the future of COVID-19 force majeure cases in support of nonperformance under commercial contracts, as well as new developments in the law in this arena. Included, will be a discussion of the role of the courts in determining the substantive issues in the event that the Legislature fails to step in to provide clarity, and the main body arguments that are presently being advanced by both landlord and tenant camps with regard to force majeure.



Program Co-sponsors: NYCLA’s Civil Court Practice Section; Iranian American Bar Association (IABA)

Program Chair & Moderator: Hon. Nicholas Moyne, Civil and Criminal Court, NYC

FacultyMassimo D’Angelo, Adam Leitman Bailey P.C.; Lucas Ferrara, Newman Ferrara LLP


2 NY CLE Credits; 2 Skills


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