FTX Was a Bump in the Road: Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets are Here to Stay


FTX Was a Bump in the Road: Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets are Here to Stay

Recorded On 04/19/2023

What Lawyers Need to Know About Digital Asset: Types  of Ownership, Regulation, Taxation, Business Organizations



FTX, a major cryptocurrency exchange, and FTX.US, its U.S. branch, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Nov. 11, 2022. Former founder and CEO Sam Bankman-Fried is facing multiple criminal and civil charges including wire fraud and conspiracy to defraud investors. How and does the FTX downfall change the future for digital assets and cryptocurrency investors?


It is a temporary disruption; digital assets are here to stay. They will be a big part of our financial future.


In the presentation our expert panel will explain why that is so and what the future hold for digital assets


We will cover:


  • Detailed introduction to Blockchain, digital assets and cryptocurrency and why FTX has little to do with this new technology
  • How to setup and trade cryptocurrency with a digital wallet
  • The Regulatory Framework including the SEC’s view, Money Transmitter/FinCen Registration , US State Regulations and a general overview of International Treatment
  • Taxation of digital assets in the U.S. as well as a general overview of International Taxation
  • Contracts and Licensing involving digital assets.
  • Ownership and Intellectual Property of digital assets
  • Decentralized Finance Components


Join us as we unravel the complexities of cryptocurrency and digital assets. What may be a new and uncertain space to you is territory we’ve been charting for almost a decade.


When done you will understand the fundamentals of decentralized computing and blockchain. You will have explored business, technology, governance, and legal use cases. You will have  reviewed the evolving practice of law and technology as it concerns legal and governance issues arising from cryptocurrency, digital assets and blockchain implementation.




Program Co-sponsor: NYCLA’s Law and Technology Committee


Program Chair & Faculty: Joseph Bambara, Of Counsel, Withersworldwide.com 


Faculty: M. Ridgway Barker, Withersworldwide.com; Charles Kolstad,Withersworldwide.com; John Iadeluca, Banz Capital


2.5 NY Credits: 2.5 Skills; Non-transitional; 2.5 NJ Credits: 2.5 General



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