Fighting for Democracy: Why Voting Rights Need to be Protected Now


Fighting for Democracy: Why Voting Rights Need to be Protected Now

Recorded On 03/14/2022


Current events reflect the importance of protecting democracy and the principles underlying it. The right of every American citizen to cast an unencumbered ballot that will be fairly counted is critical to maintaining a fair and equitable democracy.

The panelists, who are legal experts in voting rights, will discuss the most pressing threats to voting rights in our country today.


The issues include:

  • threats of physical violence against voting administrators,
  • state election subversion bills,
  • the retreat of the judiciary in protecting voting rights,
  • the purges of local election administration boards,
  • the use of criminal law to dissuade voter participation and administration,
  • the reform of the electoral college, gerrymandering and more.

This is one program no concerned citizen can afford to miss!!!



FacultyProfessor Deborah Pearlstein, Cardozo School of Law; Professor Richard H. Pildes, NYU School of Law; Wendy Weiser, Brennan Center for Justice, NYU School of Law, Amir Badat, NAACP Legal Defense Fund

ModeratorsGregory A. Markel and Sarah A. Fedner of Seyfarth Shaw LLP


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