The Lawyers’ Guide to Ethical Networking and Building Your Practice in a Virtual World


The Lawyers’ Guide to Ethical Networking and Building Your Practice in a Virtual World

Recorded On 11/20/2020


When Covid-19 affected the world by causing everyone to quarantine themselves, many lawyers who were used to networking live and in-person didn’t know what do to. No more golf outings, no more conferences, no more association events, and even no more coffee or lunch dates. As a result, many attorneys were lost – and unsure of what actions were ethically permissible. Networking is the art of developing relationships that will turn into new business, lifelong professional relationships and is the essence of Rainmaking. People do business with people they know, like, and trust is a truism that doesn’t stop just because you cannot network in person. But networking virtually, and being able to create the relationships you need, while adhering to the ethical rules, is not the same as doing it in person.

And, even when in-person networking is available again, the Genie has been let out of the bottle. We will continue using virtual tools – not only to meet new people but also to help strengthen those connections. This seminar teaches lawyers:

  • A new way to define networking
  • Why you need to create and build your network online
  • How to discover virtual networking events targeting your ideal clients and referral sources
  • How to ethically create and nurture your online network
  • How to ethically use virtual platforms to have one-on-one meetings
  • And the ethical considerations of networking when using technology



Faculty: Jaimie Field, The Rain-Maker


3 NY CLE Credits; 2 Ethics, 1 Skills


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