Christian, Islamic and Jewish Dispute Resolution in the NY/Metropolitan Area


Christian, Islamic and Jewish Dispute Resolution in the NY/Metropolitan Area

Recorded On 02/04/2020


Adeste FidelesThe Public Religion Research Institute has reported that seventy-five percent (75%) of New Yorkers are religiously affiliated.  This means that if you, as an attorney or dispute resolution professional, are actively serving New Yorkers, it is practically impossible to avoid religious beliefs, considerations, and values as part of your practice.

Join us and our panelists, three masters of Christian, Islamic, and Jewish dispute resolution, as they discuss faith-based dispute resolution processes available in the New York metropolitan area.

Learn how and when religious legal principles and values can, must, or do not apply towards resolving a variety of civil disputes and the interaction between these principles and values and secular law, such as the Federal Arbitration Act and Article 75 of the New York Civil Practice Law and Rules.

Hear about faith-based dispute resolution procedure and real-life examples of disputes successfully resolved outside of the traditional litigation process.  Acquire practical dispute resolution tips and knowledge of resources that you can use to broaden your cultural horizons and assist your religious neighbors even if you don’t practice their specific faith.

In the current era of presumptive alternative dispute resolution, this is certainly not a program you can afford to miss!



Ronald J. Colombo, Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Distance Education

Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University; Dr. Mohammad Qatanani, Imam, the Islamic Center of Passaic County; Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann, Director, Beth Din of America


2.5 NY CLE Credits; 1 Skills, 0.5 PP, 1 DIEB


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