Election Law and Election Technology: What’s New; What’s Next


Election Law and Election Technology: What’s New; What’s Next

Recorded On 09/28/2016


The next “new new” thing in election administration will revolve around technology. As voting machines throughout the country are approaching the end of their useful lives, they will need to be replaced with voting systems using new technology like “block chain”.


How will this happen?


What are the factors to be considered?


The voting systems now in use in the United States include: Mechanical Lever machines which are old; Punch Card Systems which were discredited in Florida in 2000; Optically Scanned Paper Ballots which are not viable in large and complex ballots; and some “touch” screen ATM like devices.


As Legislators create the election policy, including establishing standards for voting equipment, are they tech savvy enough to make the right decision?


Voting equipment, electronic poll books, election management systems, and other hardware and software should be designed to serve the voters and election administrators and provide appropriate verification, handicapped accessibility and multiple language capability. The equipment should use: metrics to determine inconsistency, allow alternative election formats ,include the qualities of maintainability and reliability and make voting – a most important “right” – simple, easy and usable for all.


Join NYCLA’s Law and Technology Committee and a panel of experts as they explore these very important issues and their impact on “voting rights,” as well as address rising concerns about “what’s next?” or even “what’s possible?”.



Program Co-sponsor: NYCLA’s Law and Technology Committee


Program Chairs: Joseph Bambara, UCNY, Inc. and Lance H. Koonce, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, Co-chairs, NYCLA’s Law and Technology Committee


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