Ethical Approach to Preparing or Coaching the Witness


Ethical Approach to Preparing or Coaching the Witness

Recorded On 05/05/2010


The issue of how zealous an attorney can be when preparing a witness for trial continues to be a hot button issue, especially in light of the new New York Rules of Professional Conduct which became effective April 1, 2009. Using an interactive technique and video clips from popular films, the panel of experts discuss the boundaries of proper witness preparation, how much contact or coaching is too much, limits on prosecutor preparation of witnesses, and whether attorneys can compensate witnesses for their time.

The Verdict Original – Release Date 1982 © Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. 2002. All Rights Reserved

Philadelphia Original – Release Date 1993 © Sony Pictures Digital Inc. 1997. All Rights Reserved

Anatomy of A Murder – Original Release Date 1959 © Sony Pictures. All Rights Reserved



Joseph Aronauer Esq., Aronauer Re & Yudell
Herbert Eisenberg Esq., Eisenberg & Schnell
Irwin Rochman Esq., Tesser Ryan & Rochman LLP
Hon. Gerald Lebovits, NYC Civil Court, Housing Part
Sarah Diane McShea Esq., Law Office of Sarah Diane McShea

Program Co-sponsor:
NYCLA Ethics Institute

Program Chair and Moderator:
Lewis Tesser Esq., Tesser Ryan & Rochman LLP



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