Governance and Ethics Update: The Increased Focus on Director Responsibilities


Governance and Ethics Update: The Increased Focus on Director Responsibilities

Recorded On 02/09/2022


Join our expert panel as it shares case studies regarding the increased focus on, and the evolving nature of, director responsibilities. The panelists will also discuss how modified governance and ethics practices may significantly alter director exposure.

Topics include:

  • Current Governance and Ethics Examples
  • Thought Leadership: Evolving Governance and Ethics Practices
  • Case Studies: Governance and Ethics Issues



Program Co-sponsors: H.S. Grace & Company, Inc.; NYCLA’s Center for Corporate Governance

Faculty: Al Fenichel, MBA, CPA; Frank Gatti, MBA, CPA, NACD Leadership Fellow; Suzanne Gilbert, MBA; H. Stephen Grace Jr., PHD (Economics), MBA, President & CEO, H.S. Grace& Co., Inc.; Stephen B. Lilien, Ph,D. (Accountancy & Finance, CPA, Weinstein Professor of Accounting, Baruch College, The City University of New York; Joseph P. Monteleone, Esq., Weber, Gallagher, Simpson, Stapleton, Fines & Newbery; Johnnie Williams, Ph.D. (Business Administration), J.H. Jones School of Business, Texas Southern University, Graduate Management Professor


About H.S. Grace & Co.: For almost three decades, H.S. Grace & Company (HSG) has assisted defense and plaintiffs’ counsel, insurers and organizations’ boards and senior executives in addressing more than 150 matters largely focused on issues of business conduct and corporate governance.


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