Protest Lawyering: Theory and Practice


Protest Lawyering: Theory and Practice

Recorded On 02/22/2013


In the wake of the Arab Spring and American Autumn protests of 2011, public protest actions are becoming increasingly common, and attorneys are increasingly being sought out by individuals and organizations to assist in these protest actions, whether in securing permitting, observing police interactions, or defending arrested protesters. Join a panel of seasoned practitioners in exploring the relevant laws and practices that mediate and define first amendment protected protest activities, and to learn the tricks of the trade that enable attorneys to preserve and protect protesters’ rights.  Some of the topics to be discussed include: Right to engage in peaceful protest activity (demonstration/rallies/march) Right to distribute material/press conferences/Amplification Right protest and reasonable limitation; permitting Applicable Federal, State and Municipal Statutes, Codes and Regulations Ethical considerations Common protest charges From Bail to Jail: Practical tips for defending protesters Utilizing common evidentiary resources    Legal observer and protest lawyer models



Program Co-sponsor: NYCLA’s Civil Rights & Liberties Committee Program Co-Chairs:  Louis Crespo, Special Referee, Sup. Ct., NY County; Samuel B. Cohen, Stecklow Cohen & Thompson Faculty:  Samuel Cohen, Stecklow Cohen & Thompson; Alan Levine, LatinoJustice PRLDEF;Meghan Maurus, New York Law Collective; David Rankin, Rankin & Taylor; Paula Segal,; Norman Siegel, Siegel Teitelbaum & Evans LLP; Michael L. Spiegel, Esq.; Wylie Stecklow, Stecklow Cohen & Thompson



7.5 NY CLE Credits; 3 Ethics, 2.5 Skills, 2 PP


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