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The New York County Lawyers Association, located in the heart of the New York World Financial Center, is one of the largest, most influential bar associations in the country, and has pioneered some of the most far-reaching and tangible reforms in American jurisprudence and public policy. This is possible because new lawyers, established lawyers, educators, judges and public sector lawyers contribute to the collective brain trust that is the New York County Lawyers, where everyone has a voice. From its 145 founders, more than 8000 Lawyers from New York City are joined by lawyers from China, Florida, the UK, Canada, California, and all over the world to create a legal network of knowledge sharing, relationship building and business development that is second to none. Be a part of this dynamic legal collective
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Statements and Letters
NYCLA 2021 Statements and Letters

November 2021
Statement of the NYCLA Gun Violence Task Force on the Verdict in Kenosha

Press Release
NYCLA 2021 Press Releases

November 2021
New York County Lawyers Association Supreme Court Task Force Issues Memorandum to the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States Regarding the Issue of Term Limits and Court Expansion

Committee Reports - 2021

November 2021
NYCLA Supreme Court Committee submits comments on proposed amendments to Commercial Division rules regarding the discovery of electronically stored information

NYCLA 2021 Amicus Briefs

September 2021
NYCLA files Amicus Brief in support of respondents in the U.S. Supreme Court: New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc., et al., v. Kevin P. Bruen, in his official capacity as Superintendent New York State Police, et al.