NYCLA_s Comment in Support of Proposed Addition of a New Category of CLE Credit


NYCLA_s Comment in Support of Proposed Addition of a New Category of CLE Credit

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Published On: Feb 11, 2022



NYCLA supports the New York CLE Board’s proposed amendment to the CLE Rules requiring attorneys to complete a CLE credit in a new category – Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection.


Cyber-attacks are on the rise, and ethical concerns about keeping client information confidential, safe and secure are of paramount importance. Additionally, with technology advancing rapidly, governments are responding with cybersecurity legislation and regulation.


Law firms, older and younger attorneys can no longer ignore cybersecurity knowledge and more than ever need to be prepared. This requirement will help them mitigate risk and shape a security strategy and an incident response plan for their practice.


Factors that make this requirement necessary:



In collaboration with the CLE Institute, the NYCLA Law and Technology Committee has been offering courses covering these topics for several years, as have the Ethics Institute and our annual National/Cyber Security Program, which NYCLA has been sponsoring for the past seven years. This new CLE requirement will be the needed impetus for reticent attorneys to take cybersecurity and client information security and confidentiality seriously.


The time is right for the proposed changes to the CLE requirements to make New York the first state to have a timely and important cybersecurity CLE requirement.

While we support the proposed Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection category of CLE credit, we also suggest that the categories of CLE credit required for attorneys be reviewed and evaluated periodically to ensure that the ever-evolving educational needs of New York attorneys are continually being addressed.