NYCLA Statement on Escalation of Threats to Judge Merchan After Trump Conviction


NYCLA Statement on Escalation of Threats to Judge Merchan After Trump Conviction

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Written by: NYCLA Officers
Published On: May 31, 2024

NYCLA Officers Statement on Threats to Judge Merchan,
Court Personnel and Those Who Serve on Juries

Following yesterday’s verdict in the case against former President Donald J. Trump, there have been escalating attacks against the New York judicial system, including against Hon. Juan Merchan.  Regardless of one’s views of the case, these attacks are inappropriate.  Justice Merchan presided over the trial with dignity under challenging circumstances.  The attacks made during the case, and especially following the verdict, raise the possibility of violence, and seek to undermine the credibility and integrity of New York’s system of criminal justice. 

We understand the strong emotions the verdict raises.  But threats of violence and baseless characterizations of our justice system by some as “rigged” and a “kangaroo court,” the judge as “a tyrant,” and the court as “a prostituted court of law” are dangerous and irresponsible.  That some of these attacks come from legislators and others who are themselves lawyers – and therefore have a special duty to uphold the rule of law – is disgraceful.

The hard-working judges and court personnel, as well as those who serve on juries, deserve better. We will not accept these efforts to de-legitimize New York’s criminal justice system.  The rule of law must prevail, and any complaints about the results of the trial should be addressed through the legal process.