Comment Letter to J. Carruci re December 2017 EFiling Proposal


Comment Letter to J. Carruci re December 2017 EFiling Proposal

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Published On: Feb 08, 2018

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Comment Letter to J. Carruci re December 2017 EFiling Proposal


February 8, 2018


Jeffrey Carucci

Statewide Coordinator for Electronic Filing

NYS Unified Court System

New York County Courthouse

60 Centre Street, Room 119 M

New York, NY 10007


Dear Mr. Carucci


On behalf of the New York County Lawyers Association’s Committee on the Supreme Court (the “Committee”), we write to express our enthusiastic support for the proposed expansion of mandatory e-filing set forth in the letter from the Honorable Lawrence K. Marks dated December 13, 2017 (the “Proposal”).


The Committee has been advocating for all the Courts of the State of New York (with limited exceptions) to adopt mandatory e-filing, and to expand mandatory e-filing to cover the categories that are the subject of the Proposal.


Since the time that New York courts introduced e-filing, there is a growing consensus among judges and litigators that e-filing has made the court system more efficient and easier to access. As society as a whole becomes more digital, it is incumbent upon the legal community to keep pace, particularly as it may serve to further the interests of justice. Aside from the obvious environmental benefits of e-filing, the system has been more efficient for practitioners, cost effective for parties, and has improved the productivity of the court system by, inter alia, reducing the need to maintain archives of paper documents.


E-filing also fosters an equal playing field and full transparency for litigants and the public, as access to information is readily available to virtually every member of the public, given that public libraries offer internet access. The members of this Committee can attest to the many ways in which e-filing has increased efficiencies and access to information. Importantly, we note that the Proposal appropriately balances the benefits of expanding mandatory e-filing with the need to allow for exceptions where warranted.


In light of the above, the Committee strongly supports the Proposal, and appreciates the court system’s continued efforts in this area. If the Committee can be of any further assistance, please let us know.

Very truly yours,


/s/ Tom M. Fini

/s/ Craig S. Kesch

Co-Chairs of the Supreme Court Committee

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