Remarks by Carol A. Sigmond 2016 on the Presentation of the David Hinshaw Award to Hon. Stewart Aaron

Remarks by Carol A. Sigmond 

June 13, 2016

On the Occasion of the Presentation of the David Hinshaw Award to Stewart Aaron


As president of NYCLA, I have been invited to say a few words about the committee and Stewart Aaron, the 58th President of NYCLA, the 2016 David Hinshaw Award winner.


From the time that Stewart first joined the Federal Courts Committee, he was core contributor, rising to committee chair.


The Federal Courts Committee has traditionally been an active and important committee at NYCLA, commenting on the Federal Rules of Procedure, hosting monthly dinners for the bar to meet and talk with federal judges from both the southern and eastern district and supporting court initiatives including the Loretta Preska Security Pavilion.


In 2008, Stewart became the Vice President of NYCLA. He worked hard during his time on the ladder. In May 2010, Stewart became the 58th president of NYCLA. He was an outstanding president, active on a policy and administrative front, advancing what is today the Loretta Preska security pavilion, the crisis of court budget cuts, gun control and judicial retirement age, to name but a few. Stewart brought social media to NYCLA.


It is a testament to Stewart’s presidency, that now, some 5 years later, he is beginning his 9th year of continuous service on NYCLA’s Executive Committee, having been invited to serve on that committee by the last 3 presidents, including me.


I cannot speak for my two immediate predeccessors but I will say for my self, that I value Stewart’s judgment, knowledge of the bar world, his knowledge of the administrative side of the law business and his ability as a lawyer. Stewart has provided solid advice on a variety of subjects, including most remarkably, the need to tweet about NYCLA events, which I have learned to do, fat fingers and all.

I cannot imagine anyone more deserving of recognition from his peers for his many contributions than Stewart Aaron.