Question. An attorney presently engaged in the practice of the law requests an opinion concerning the following professional announcement:

A and B

___________ Broadway

New York 4, N.Y.

Bowling Green __________

A, of the New York and Italian Bars (Professor of Law at the University of V, Italy, Lecturer on Comparative Law, W School of Law)


B, of the New York Bar (L.L.M., University of S. France, Dr, Juris, University of T, Germany), formerly with Z, Y and X

Announce the formation of a law partnership
We intend to engage in general practice and to specialize
in international and foreign matters

January, 1948

One of the partners in the new firm is presently associated with a New York law firm, referred to in the announcement as Z, Y and X. That firm has authorized the use of its name in the manner indicated in the proposed announcement. Similar clearance is being obtained from the W School of Law at which one of the partners is lecturing.

Is there any impropriety in sending the above announcement to members of the legal profession only?


Answer. Assuming that the description of the qualifications of the individuals contained in the notice is absolutely correct, we find the proposed text of the announcement to be proper in form, provided, however, the announcement is only distributed to members of the legal profession, and provided further that there be deleted from such professional notice any reference to the effect that A is “Professor of Law at University of V, Italy, Lecturer on Comparative Law, W School of Law,” and there be deleted from such notice with reference to B, the following, “LL.M. University of S, France, Doctor Juris, University of T, Germany.”