NUMBER 311 1933

Question. May a lawyer with propriety publish his professional card in various New York City newspapers?


Answer. Canon 27 of the Canons of Professional Ethics of the American Bar Association provides that: “The publication or circulation of ordinary simple business cards, being a matter of personal taste or local custom, and sometimes of convenience, is not per se improper. But solicitation of business by circulars or advertisements, or by personal communications, or interviews, not warranted by personal relations, is unprofessional.” The experience and observation of this Committee lead it to state that it is not the custom for lawyers practicing in this city to publish their professional cards in what are commonly known as New York City newspapers. In the opinion of the Committee this absence of custom tends to support the dignity of the profession, and sanction of deviation from the restrictions upon advertising, which apparently now exist, might open a Pandora’s box of abuses. The question in the opinion of the Committee, should be answered in the negative.