NUMBER 299 1932

Question. In the opinion of the Committee, would it be professionally improper for us to send announcements to lawyers with whom we have a personal acquaintanceship; and to other lawyers in the following form:

A and B


Telephone Address:

containing also either or both of the phrases


Counsel, Personal Injury Actions

Trial Counsel

City Court, New York County


Would it be improper to insert such a card with either or both of said phrases as an advertisement of the firm in the New York Law Journal.


Answer. In the opinion of the Committee, neither such distribution nor the publication of a simple professional card in the New York Law Journal is improper, but it advises conformity with both the letter and spirit of Canons 27 and 43 of the American Bar Association in respect to Professional Ethics, and consequently the designation of a court (leading perhaps to improper implications) is not to be approved, nor is it proper to avoid the simplicity mentioned in said Canons by any typographical display calculated to emphasize the advertisement and thus to evade the spirit of said Canons.