NUMBER 293 1932

Question. In the opinion of the Committee is there any professional impropriety in the following circular to be circulated among the members of the New York Bar?

I am happy to announce that I have engaged the services of several New York attorneys in the establishment of a European official document and investigation service. Our facilities are such that I can assure you exhaustive and accurate investigations involving the taking of depositions; affidavits; the securing of authentications; transcripts; copies of records and other judicial proceedings; patents; registers of births, marriages, divorces and deaths; wills and other records in probate proceedings; photographs and any other commissions.

The activities of my associates abroad will be conducted under the personal supervision of a member of the New York Bar who has traveled extensively throughout Europe.

I feel that we are providing a unique and valuable service and tilling a need that has been urgently felt by the profession.

If you require this service, may I suggest that you consult me without delay since a member of my staff is scheduled to leave for Europe within a short time.

Answer. In the opinion of the Committee, the proposed circular tends to lower the essential dignity of the legal profession and to constitute the solicitation of nonprofessional business or employment because the advertiser is a lawyer or has lawyers in his employ, it also affords opportunity for the indirect solicitation of professional legal employment by means of inducing prospective clients to call upon the advertiser and disclose their affairs. In any event, it may be interpreted as a direct solicitation of such professional employment.


The Committee therefore disapproves the proposed circular. (See Opinions 114, 284, 288 of this Committee.)