NUMBER 288 1931

Question. Is the following advertisement in a newspaper ethical?

LAWYER having organization will completely manage several apartment houses of large rentals and render necessary legal services incidental thereto without extra charge.

Does it make any difference that the offer of legal services is incidental to the other services offered and that they are not to be charged for?


Answer. In view of the large number of inquiries addressed to this Committee as to the propriety of various forms of advertising by lawyers, the Committee deems it appropriate to reiterate that it does not approve of any departure from the principles of Canons 27 and 43 of the Canons of Professional Ethics of the American Bar Association. Accordingly it does not consider that the form of the advertisement which combines the advertisement of business with a professional card is proper. The offer of legal services in the form suggested is not a compliance with the limitations of the Canons cited. (See Opinions 284 and 285).