NUMBER 285 1931

Question, In the opinion of the Committee, is it proper to make an announcement in the Law Journal of the following general tenor:



Trial Counsel, over 25 years’ experience, offers his services

to the profession: civil and criminal cases.


Answer. Canon 27 of the Canons of Professional Ethics of the American Bar Association provides, “The publication or circulation of ordinary simple business cards being a matter of personal taste or local custom, and sometimes of convenience, is not per se improper. But solicitation of business by circulars or advertisements, or by personal communications or interviews, not warranted by personal relations, is unprofessional.’”

And Canon 43 provides: “The simple professional card mentioned in Canon 27 may with propriety contain only a statement of his name (and that of his lawyer associates), profession, address, telephone number and special branch of the profession practiced.”

In the opinion of the Committee departure from these limitations is not to be encouraged.


Accordingly it does not approve the form suggested in the inquiry; it would be sufficient and a compliance with the Canon if such a card were inserted, if justified by local custom, personal taste or convenience, stating that the attorney specializes in trial counsel work, without stating the extent of his experience or the offer of his services.