NUMBER 280 1930

Question. A lawyer, who has become deaf and is thereby precluded from the general practice of his profession, desires to notify other members of the profession of his willingness and anxiety to procure employment in preparing for them memoranda of law and briefs, especially for lawyers who have not access to large libraries. In the opinion of the Committee is such communication, by letter, to selected lists of lawyers, though personally unknown to him, professionally improper? Would the answer be different if the lawyer issued a simple professional card, stating his name, profession and address, adding “specializing in legal research and preparation of briefs for other members of the legal profession?”


Answer. In the opinion of the Committee neither the professional card nor a communication by letter of the same import is improper, provided, however, that letters to those members of the profession with whom he has no personal acquaintance should be confined to a statement of his willingness and readiness to accept the employment, and should contain no direct solicitation.