NUMBER 274 1929

Question. In the opinion of the Committee, may a lawyer with professional propriety permit his landlord to take photographs of the lawyer and the interior of his offices and publish the same with the lawyer’s photograph and his name, location and profession, and a detailed description of his law offices and their arrangement with the published explanation that it is published as one of a series of articles, describing and picturing suites and private offices of corporations and individuals in the landlord’s building?

Answer. The practice of the law requires the maintenance of recognized conventions as well as of the essential dignity of the profession. To permit oneself to become a medium for advertising third parties or their products, or to participate in an advertisement which is fairly subject to the inference that the lawyer is not entirely free from direct or indirect gain from such an advertisement, is not consonant with the best ideals and traditions of the profession.


The course suggested by the question, is, therefore, disapproved.