NUMBER 266 1929

Question. In the opinion of the Committee, is there any impropriety either as an indirect means of advertising or otherwise in the following course:

A group of young attorneys and myself desire to organize a club, the purpose of which is to conduct weekly meetings at which time matters of legal importance will he discussed and reported upon by those to whom the particular subject matter is assigned, such as recent decisions as published in the law journals and other legal periodicals, and also to assist and advise one another as to particular propositions of law which may occur during one’s own practice. In short, to keep up to date as to important changes in the law.

In addition to this, it is the purpose of the group to conduct before lay organizations at one of its meetings moot court trials for the benefit and instruction of its members as to the way in which trials are conducted in the courts of this state, by this means educate them as to what may be expected in the trial of a case and the proper decorum to be maintained during the course of the trial, and by the same means give the group the benefit of gaining practical experience in becoming good trial lawyers.

The judge or lawyer who presides at these trials will be requested to submit his criticisms and recommendations to the group, when they will be discussed at one of the weekly meetings.

The counsel assigned to a particular trial must prepare a trial brief as to the law and the facts which is to be kept on file for future reference.


Answer. In the opinion of the Committee, the question discloses no fact which makes the practice improper.