NUMBER 248 1926

Question. Members of an association which A represents have requested that A furnish them, at intervals, with brief outlines of new laws and modifications of old ones, A proposes to render this service without charge.

A has an index file containing names and addresses of personal friends, clients, business associates, and witnesses. A believes that these outlines might be of benefit to these people if A communicated the same information to each of them.

In the opinion of your Committee is there anything improper in the gratuitous rendition of this service or the mailing of these summaries?


Answer. In the opinion of the Committee the matter must be left to the sound discretion of the lawyer, with a warning, however, that he should avoid so using the circularization as to create a natural impression among some of the recipients that it was primarily for advertising purposes; for example the Committee does not recognize any substantial reason for sending it to witnesses.