NUMBER 231 1925

Question. In the opinion of the Committee, is there professional impropriety in a letterhead in the following form:

Counsellor at Law

Specializing in _________ Law

Formerly Address:

Dept, of _______ Telephone:

_________ Division

The blanks to be filled in by indicating the specialty and the former official position of the attorney in a division of one of the departments of the national Government administering the law in which the attorney proposes to specialize, he having gained valuable experience in such law and its administration in his former official position and now having resigned that position to resume the practice of law.


Answer. In the opinion of the Committee the phrase “Specializing in ______ Law” is unobjectionable, but the words descriptive of the attorney’s former official position are in bad taste and are disapproved be- cause of the inferences that are likely to be drawn there from.