NUMBER 223 1924

Question. There is a small and compact community of Spanish-speaking Jews, designated as Sephardic, who patronize newspapers using the ancient Spanish language, but printed in Hebrew characters.

In the opinion of the Committee would there be any professional impropriety in a lawyer, who is a member of this community and duly admitted to practice, inserting in such newspapers in the Spanish and English languages a card in substantially the following form:

_______ [name]

Attorney and Counsellor at Law

_______ [office address]

Office hours: _______

Telephone: _________

Sephardic Spanish Lawyer


Answer. The Committee is of the opinion that if the final line were omitted, there would be no professional impropriety in the insertion in the newspapers named of a card in the form as proposed, but as to the final line the Committee cannot express an opinion upon its import to the readers, and therefore expresses none upon its propriety,