NUMBER 222 1923

Question. In the opinion of the Committee, are advertisements in daily newspapers, substantially in the following form, professionally improper:


________ Street, Suite______

Consultation and Advice Gratis

Experienced, reliable lawyer, all matters; consultation free.

______ St., Tel._______


Answer. In the opinion of the Committee such advertising does not properly comport with the responsibility or dignity of the office which the lawyer holds. (See Canon 27 of the American Bar Association; Committee’s Opinion 45.) The failure to disclose the name of the advertiser, and the attempt to secure remunerative employment under the guise of offering free consultation and advice, too readily lend themselves to imposition and fraud upon those clients who would be likely to be secured through this form of anonymous solicitation. The adoption of such form readily also affords an opportunity for those who are not authorized to practice law to pretend such authority in order to deceive those who would respond to such an advertisement.