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Commercial Litigation Treatise

Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts

5th Edition with 28 New Chapters Now Available  IN PRINT AND ON WESTLAW!

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A joint venture of Thomson Reuters and the New York County Lawyers Association, Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts features the work of 256 expert authors, including some of the best commercial litigators in New York.

Enhanced with 28 new chapters, revisions to the chapters carried forward from the Fourth Edition, and discussion of hundreds of new cases, this seminal work has been completely updated, expanded, and revised to address pertinent subjects. The authors discuss the interplay between rules of procedures and substantive law, outline strategies for representation of plaintiff and defendant, and consider ramifications of various actions. You'll find:

  • Effective strategies for each step of a case, from investigation and assessment through pleadings, discovery, motions, trial, appeal, and enforcement of judgment.
  • Treatment of litigation streamlining, technology, and management by both law firms and corporations.
  • Extensive coverage of discovery procedures and strategy, including such topics as depositions, document requests, discovery of ESI, interrogatories, and requests for admission.
  • Comprehensive treatment of remedies, including compensatory and punitive damages, specific performance, rescission, and more.
  • Nine chapters covering every aspect of trial procedures, techniques, and strategies.
  • Separate chapters on litigation avoidance, settlements, negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and international arbitration.
  • Common chapter structure with time-saving and practical features for all topics, and numerous cross-references so you can quickly find the information you need.
  • Procedural and practice checklists, and checklists of allegations, defenses, and sources of proof that help you plan discovery and evaluate your case.
  • Hundreds of pages of essential litigation forms and jury charges that facilitate document drafting and help you effectively manage a wide variety of cases.

The text includes more than 40,000 citation to current cases, statutes, and rules. The set includes an appendix containing tables of laws, rules, and cases, plus an index.