b'#NYCLAMISSIONWhats Trending in Pro Bono, Policy & Community ServiceSummer 2019In this issue: Graduates Earn Their 50 Pro BonoGraduates Earn Their 50 Pro Bono Hours byVolunteering for NYCLA\'s State Central Registry Project Hours by Volunteering for NYCLA\'sNYCLA\'s Legal Counseling Project State Central Registry ProjectMark Fenelon: The Volunteer Experience _____________________________Director of Pro Bono Programs Teaches at 2019 NewYork State Judicial Summer Seminars A lva Lin is a recent graduate NYCLA\'s Social Security SDNY Project - Recent Victory of Columbia School of Law: "Law You Should Know" Podcast on WHPC 90.3On-Demand Trainings & Upcoming Live EventsAs a foreign-trained lawyer whoelcome to our Summer 2019 has recently completed an LLMW #NYCLAMission Newsletter! program in the U.S, I wasfortunate enough to participate inDid you know that law students the State Central Registry (SCR)and law graduates can volunteer Pro Bono Project with NYCLA, awith NYCLA to do pro bono work? project that was initiated to helpAlva LinOur latest news features somepeople who are falsely or unfairly placed on the NYrecent stellar law graduates who State Central Register of Child Abuse andAnthe Maria BovaGeneral Counsel & have helped to make a differenceDirector of Pro Bono Maltreatment, and thus see adverse effects on theirPrograms for those in need.We alsoemployment prospects and their ability to becomehighlight Steven Rivera, who achieved victory for a foster or adoptive parents. I worked on challengingclient in our Social Security SDNY Project, briefing two SCR cases under the supervision of Ms. Anthehis case and arguing before Hon. Ona T. Wang in Bova, during which I helped sort case materials,federal court.I\'ve also spent some time talking about drafted legal documents, met with a client, andthe significance of our work at the NYS Summer attended a pre-hearing conference. Ms. Bova alwaysJudicial Institute and on the WHPC 90.3 Radio provided me with detailed and helpful instructions andPodcast, "Law You Should Know". As usual we have feedback. It was a very precious and rewardingour On-Demand Trainings available online, but we experience to me, as I not only received hands-onhave now opened registration for a live training to lawyering experience but also felt happy to see thatparticipate in our popular and longest runningprogramthe Legal Counseling Projecthappening in my efforts could generate positive effects on peoplesSeptember.See you then! lives."'