b"#NYCLAMISSIONWhats Trending in Pro Bono, Policy & Community ServiceSPRING 2020In this issue: Forovertwelveyears,Project Restore has beenProject Restore: A Victory in our Reentry Work there to support clients inLegal Counseling Project: Shifting to Remote WorkState Central Registry Project: Victories & New Laws theirpathtore-entry.US Tax Court Project: Pivoting in a COVID-19 Age Individuals who are SDNY Social Security Disability Benefits Project: Victories deniedvocationallicensesbytheDepartmentofCertificate of Relief from Disabilities & Certificate of Good StatesolelybasedonapriorconvictionareConduct Application Project representedbyvolunteersintheiradministrativeappeal.AtatimewhenindividualsarefacingW elcome to our Spring 2020 unprecendentedunemployment,providingfree#NYCLAMission Newsletter! legal assistance is more important than ever before.It's been a busy quarterhere is anupdate for our community on the We congratulate Project Restore Leader Collin Bullimportant work that NYCLA and Pro Bono Programs Administrator Irina Katsvolunteers have been doing to fortheirworkadvisingaclientwhorecentlyimprove the lives of indigent New obtained their security guard license. NYCLA'sre-Anthe Maria Bova Yorkers, especially during COVID- entry work helps individuals get a second chance,General Counsel &Director of Pro BonoPrograms 19 and New York State on by breaking down barriers to employment.PAUSE. While working from home, we've all had tomake some adjustments. Most of our programming hascontinued in full-force and we've pivoted others toprovide remote assistance.What hasn't changed isour commitment to providing quality pro bono service.But you don't have to take my word for it.Check outwhat some of our volunteers have to say:Collin D. Bull Irina KatsNYCLA Program Leader Pro Bono Programs AdminIn addition to representation, Project Restore, bydesign, provides advice and counseling to empowerclients to become their own best advocate to enablethem to manage the inevitably witheringdiscrimination they face in nearly all aspects of theirlives solely because they have a criminalconviction(s).Collin D. Bull, Esq."