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Aug 31, 2016 Committee on the Supreme Court submits comment letter in response to Chief Administrative Judge Marks’ proposal to implement mandatory electronic filing in Richmond County—Civil Term
Jun 20, 2016 New York County Lawyers LGBT Committee sends letter to Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox of Utah commending his remarks on inclusion of the LGBT community
Jun 8, 2016 The New York County Lawyers emphatically rejects baseless, unseemly, inappropriate and un-American attacks on Judge Curiel’s integrity and on the integrity of the judicial system.
Apr 5, 2016 New York County Lawyers Association’s Criminal Justice Section Makes Amendment Recommendations to the NYSBA Special Committee on Re-entry Report
Apr 1, 2016 NYCLA Labor Relations & Employment Law Committee and Committee on Women in the Law Issued comment on EEO-1 reporting
Mar 31, 2016 Statement on Proposed Amendments to the Social Services Law That Would Immunize Negligence in Foster Care
Mar 4, 2016 The New York County Lawyers Association calls upon the United States Senate to perform its constitutional duty regarding the current vacancy on the US Supreme Court. The notion that a pending election justifies refusing to consider a nominee is unsupported by history.
Jan 22, 2016 New York County Lawyers Congratulates Janet DiFiore on Her Confirmation as Chief Judge of the State of New York
Jan 8, 2016 New York County Lawyers Mourns the Passing of Chief Judge Judith Kaye
Dec 22, 2015 NYCLA Criminal Justice Section and the Civil Rights and Liberties Committee Judith Clark Clemency Letter
Dec 2, 2015 New York County Lawyers Statement in Support of Governor Cuomo’s Nomination of Janet DiFiore as Chief Judge of the State of New York
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