Library and Research Services

When the Association was incorporated on April 21, 1908, one of its primary purposes was the creation of a law library that would be accessible to all those individuals fortunate enough to pass the bar. The Library Committee recognized, even then, the need for a complete, non-circulating law library. William Purrington, the first Library Committee Chair, said in his 1913 annual report to the membership that the Library should be “a toolshop for the average working lawyer; not a storehouse for the scholar.”

Nycla Library

Taking Mr. Purrington's words to heart, the New York County Lawyers Association Library maintains a collection geared specifically to meet the needs of the practicing bar. The Library's New York practice collection is one of the finest on the East Coast.

The combination of a service-oriented, professional staff, convenient hours, and a focused collection make the New York County Lawyers Library the right choice for the practicing attorney.
Since we live in an information age, information professionals and libraries are even more critical today than ever before.  For this reason, the NYCLA Library has installed state-of-the art computers.  The Library, as well as the entire building, has wireless accessibility.
The Law Library serves NYCLA members, members of the bar, judges, students, librarians and scholars from the U.S. and foreign nations.