Ethics & Technology: What Lawyers Must Know

Ethics & Technology: What Lawyers Must Know
Ethics & Technology: What Lawyers Must Know to Protect Client Data

3 NY Credits: 3 Ethics; 3 NJ Credits: 3 Ethics

  Joseph Bambara, UCNY, Co-Chair NYCLA’s Law and Technology Committee

It seems like technological changes are occurring at a breakneck pace. While many attorneys are having a hard enough time keeping up with their clients and case load, they now have the added responsibility of keeping up with technology, integrating it into their practice and making sure they do not violate any of their ethical responsibilities and keep their client data safe. Learn the latest developments in technology that are affecting the way attorneys practice law, keep their client information safe and interact with clients, witnesses, adversaries and the courts. Understand  where we are; where we are going; how you can be sure not to be left behind; and above all, how NOT to let technological changes cost you your career.

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12/21/2018 12:30 PM - 12/21/2018 3:00 PM
14 Vesey St 2nd Floor Auditorium New York 10007

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