Ethics & Networking Skills; Creating Job Satisfaction

Ethics & Networking Skills; Creating Job Satisfaction
Ethics & Networking Skills; Creating Job Satisfaction: How to Ethically Improve Your Networking Skills; How to Create Satisfaction in Your Career from Within
4.5 NY Credits; 2 Ethics; 2.5 Skills; Transitional and Non-transitional; 4.5 NJ Credits: 2 Ethics; 2.5 General

Faculty: Elena Deutsch, MPH, CEO WILL; Janet Falk, Falk Communications and Research; Stephanie Rodin, Rodin Legal, P.C..

Begin the evening with a session on how to ethically improve your networking skills. Our presenters will explain why, if you attend networking events to get new clients you are wasting your time. Instead, adopt a new perspective and adopt the role of resource curator. Then, learn from our expert panelists how to introduce yourself to the leaders of an industry or professional organization that represents fertile ground for referrals to prospective clients -- while at the same time being mindful of the requirements of the ethics rules.You will learn to develop a list of provocative questions to better position yourself as the go-to expert, as well as hear the secret to gathering business cards and what to do with them once you have them. Our speakers will also address proper etiquette/professionalism practices, ethical considerations and techniques of successful networking, the effective elevator pitch and how to position yourself for prosperous business development.

The second session will focus on creating career satisfaction from within, Whether you love your legal work or not, most of us want more -- more meaning, more money, more enjoyment and greater fulfillment. If you feel dissatisfied in any area of your legal career, perhaps it is time to no longer accept the status quo. You can proactively clarify and reach for achieving your desires. This program will help you realize your aspirations: whether to perform meaningful work; create and protect boundaries between your personal and professional lives; or even explore alternative career paths or start a "side hustle." This engaging and interactive session will help you explore what blocks your ability to achieve your objectives, overcome internal barriers that keep you stuck, and achieve greater personal and professional happiness and fulfillment. Our expert speaker will provide you with the tools you need to clarify the results you want to achieve; overcome fears that keep you stuck; and create new methods for taking actions that bring new results.


* Also Session B of 2 Evening Bridge the Gap: Skills and Ethics

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9/19/2019 5:20 PM - 9/19/2019 9:05 PM
14 Vesey St 2nd Floor Auditorium New York 10007

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