[WEBINAR] NY Bridge the Gap: 1 Day Live, 1 Day On-demand

[WEBINAR] NY Bridge the Gap: 1 Day Live, 1 Day On-demand
16 NY CLE Credits: 3 Ethics; 6 Skills, 7 PP;  Transitional and Non-transitional; 16 NJ CLE Credits: 3 Ethics; 13 General


Joseph NovelloCPA, MBAThe Financial Training OrganizationDaniel Kalin, JD, CPA

Moderator: Bari Chase, Esq., Director, NYCLA CLE Institute and Programs

*This Program Package will satisfy the NY CLE requirements for first or second year newly admitted attorneys; You will receive on-demand program access in a separate email.

Learn the key financial concepts that all lawyers need to know to make dealing with your clients' financial matters more manageable and ethical.

Topics to be discussed include:


  • Role of finance in an organization
  • How lawyers add value to the financial function of a company
  • Foundations of modern accounting

Foundations of Modern Accounting and the Basic Equation of Finance;Financial Statements

  • Balance sheets
  • Income and cash flow statements
  • Financial statements
  • Statement of equity and other comprehensive income
  • Auditor’s report

Accounting Methodologies and Principles: Accrual vs Cash Basis

Who’s Who in Financial Reporting: Government and non-government regulators

Private Company Accounting

  • Big company vs. small company GAAP
  • Role of finance in a company and related legal support
  • Private companies and the CPA
  • Alternative services – reviews and compilation

Key Numbers and Ratios

  • Earnings per share (EPS)
  • Price/earnings (PE) ratio
  • Revenue and earnings growth\
  • Financial ratios–liquidity, solvency, profitability

Present Value Concepts and Business Valuations

  • Simple present value
  • Value of annuities
  • Why do you need to value a business?
  • Business valuation methodologies
  • Resources geared toward lawyers

The Lawyer’s Role in Financial Audits: Ethical Considerations

  • ABA and AICPA joint process
  • Dealing with conflicts of interest

Basic Concepts of Financial Investment

  • Risk vs. return
  • Modern portfolio theory and diversification

Financial Fraud Schemes: Ethical Responsibilities

Lawyers and Accountants: An Interdisciplinary Dialog of Ethical Considerations


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6/19/2020 8:30 AM - 6/19/2020 5:15 PM

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