POSTPONED: EffectiveWays to Prepare Clients for Deposition

POSTPONED: EffectiveWays to Prepare Clients for Deposition
POSTPONED UNTIL FALL: Effective, Innovative Ways to Prepare Clients for Depositions, Trials and Mediations
2 NY Credits: 1 Ethics; 1 Skills; 2 NJ Credits: 1 Ethics; 1 General

: Alan S. Fanger, Esq.; Olivera Medenica, Dunnington Bartholow & Miller LLP; Lewis Tesser, Tesser, Ryan and Rochman

Moderator: Christy Burke, Burke & Company LLC

Attorneys  consider themselves to be members of a "helping" profession.    One of their chief responsibilities is to soothe and relieve anxiety that clients experience when it comes to their legal problems.    That anxiety is particularly acute in the context of litigation.    How can lawyers be sensitive to that anxiety and uncertainty,  and how can the preparation of clients for major litigation events (depositions,  trials and mediations) most effectively address it?

Our panelists will explore novel methods of client preparation for these events.    Topics will include "dress rehearsals",  video preparation,   and techniques that are uniquely tailored to the client's personality.   The psychology of client performance and how it can be employed to increase the likelihood that a client's deposition or trial testimony will influence the outcome of the case will also be addressed, along with the ethical considerations attorneys must keep in mind when preparing witnesses.

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5/22/2018 6:00 PM - 5/22/2018 8:00 PM
14 Vesey St 2nd Floor Auditorium New York 10007

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