How to Conduct a Deposition: An Interactive Program

How to Conduct a Deposition: An Interactive Program
3 NY Credits: 3 Skills; 3 NJ Credits: 3 General

Program Chair and Faculty: Ronald Burke, Kelner & Kelner

Faculty: John Halebian, Lovell, Stewart Halebian, LLP; Douglas Halstrom, L'Abbate, Balkan, Colavita & Contini LLP; Jay Safer, Wollmuth Maher & Deutsch

The  pre-trial  deposition  stage  is  a  critical  point  in  any litigation. Indeed many personal injury and commercial cases are either won or lost during the deposition phase. Our panel of experts provides practical guidance, while teaching basic deposition skills, techniques for handling commonly encountered problems, how to use depositions at  trial and how to seek rulings from a trial judge.

A demonstration of how to conduct a deposition is also re- enacted.

Some of the specific issues addressed include:

  • How to control a witness
  • Dealing with evasive witnesses
  • How to discover and authenticate documents for trial
  • What objections can be raised
  • When to prevent a witness from answering
  • What to do when your witness volunteers information
  • How to cut your losses in light of unexpectedly damaging testimony
  • How to use depositions at trial to impeach witnesses, introduce testimony of absentee witnesses and place

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2/12/2019 6:00 PM - 2/12/2019 9:00 PM
14 Vesey St 2nd Floor Auditorium New York 10007

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