Making Your Case with a Better Memory: Memory Skills*

Making Your Case with a Better Memory: Memory Skills*
Making Your Case with a Better Memory: Memory Skills for the Successful Lawyer
4.5 NY Credits; 4.5 Skills; 4 NJ Credits: 4 General

Moderator: Bari Chase, Esq., Director NYCLA CLE Institute and Programs

Faculty: Paul Mellor, Memory Mastery

Join nationally recognized memory training consultant Paul Mellor for a session that will improve the way your mind retains facts. Learn techniques to improve your memory and learn how to apply these techniques to your everyday practice. Mellor’s objective is to show you how a trained memory can increase your efficiency and productivity in all aspects of law. He will shred the myth that memory cannot be enhanced and help you lay a foundation for total recall.

Invest in a better memory. You have invested years in becoming a lawyer and you invest months preparing a case. Invest one night to strengthen your mind and achieve these goals:

  • Save time in case preparation
  • Make polished presentations to potential clients, jurors and judges without notes
  • Become a better listener
  • Cross-examine with confidence, remember important information and effectively recall facts and figures
  • Remember names of jurors, clients, colleagues and contacts
  • Develop better concentration
  • Reduce stress, worry less about forgetting to make a crucial point
  • Think quickly and clearly without fumbling for notes
  • ... and more!!

* Also Session A of 2 Evening Bridge the Gap: Skills and Ethics

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1/16/2019 5:20 PM - 1/16/2019 9:15 PM
14 Vesey St 2nd Floor Auditorium New York 10007

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