New York County Lawyers Association

This policy was approved by the Board of the New York County Lawyers’ Association at its regular meeting on October 15, 2013.

The New York County Lawyers’ Association (NYCLA) is committed to hiring and retaining highly qualified persons.At the same time, NYCLA recognizes that, despite their qualifications, hiring and retaining close relatives of present personnel might raise questions regarding the objectivity – or appearance of objectivity – of work assignments, performance appraisals and employee treatment.Our employment policies, administered on a case-by-case basis, are based on balancing these concerns.  

NYCLA does not normally employ spouses, domestic partners, parents, children, siblings or those whose relationship with a current employee is similar to that of persons who are related by blood or marriage, if:  

    1. They are seeking full-time, part-time or temporary employment; and  
    2. Employment would result or might result in one of these persons (employee or relative) having supervisory influence (actual or perceived) over the other’s evaluations, progress, discipline or pay.  

If an employee and a close relative work in the same office or department and one of them becomes a manager with supervisory influence over the other, as described above, a transfer may be arranged, if possible and appropriate.A transfer also may be arranged if an employment arrangement may be perceived to violate our guidelines prohibiting close relatives from having supervisory influence over one another.If a transfer is not feasible, the employees will have 30 days to decide which relative will stay with NYCLA.If the employees do not make the decision within the allotted period, NYCLA will make the decision based upon the employment history and job performance of both employees, as well as NYCLA’s needs.